History Channel’s New Seal Team Drama Series “SIX” Has Us Hooked!


                                                                 Barry Sloane as Joe “Bear” Graves. Photo Credit: Brownie Harris

Let me start out by saying, I typically don’t watch shows that have to do with the military. In-fact, I have a dirty little confession to make; I never watched Army Wives. I’m not saying it wasn’t a good show because the few episodes I did catch were very good! It’s just that i’m not the type of person who likes to get caught up in something I’m surrounded by on a daily basis. Anything I watch on TV is either funny or so far from my current reality that for awhile it feels like I’ve escaped for a bit.

“SIX”,which premiered  January 18th on the History Channel, is different though. It follows the lives of characters and their families based on the stories of one our countries most elite special operations units, Seal Team Six. The drama comes from real life scenarios both at war and at home that draw the viewer into a slice of life few ever glimpse unless they are living it themselves. It offers a unique perspective on an aspect of the military that most people only hear about in news reports  or see at the big theaters with movies like The Lone Survivor. More than that, as an Army spouse with a husband who has done multiple combat deployments with special operations units in the war on terror- it was 100% relatable.

Now that is saying a lot coming from a woman who doesn’t like to watch stuff like this. Yet, as I viewed the first two episodes and was introduced to each of the characters, I realized how thoroughly the show touched on different, yet very personal, aspects of military life and the relationships that are created within the small knit communities we are surrounded by. There is an authenticity in the sweetness between Joe “Bear” Graves (Barry Sloane) and Lena  (Brianne Davis) as they walk a path of grief and healing. While on the flip- side the struggle between Ricky “Buddha” Ortiz ( Juan Pablo Raba) and his wife Jackie  (Nadine Velazquez)  shows the stress placed on a whole family as they try to find a balance between duty to country and duty to family.

Don’t get me wrong, while the family aspect of “SIX” is spot-on, the special operations side and the real drama between the team members will get your adrenaline up and your heart pounding. The  scenarios and missions are almost a little -too- realistic, so if you’re worried this isn’t a show your spouse is going to want to enjoy with you don’t stress about it. I promise he’s going to be just as into the action as you are the drama. On a side note though, make sure the kids are in bed before you turn it on or DVR it to watch later, it is rated for a mature audience.

As a final thought on the series (and if nothing else convinces you to watch it this coming Wednesday evening then this certainly will) I absolutely love how the entire cast and crew has a dedication to gratitude for our military men and women. From cast members such as Brianne Davis who herself had a military father and toured with the USO in Afghanistan, to technical adviser and former Navy Seal Mitchell Hall, “SIX”acknowledges the time honored service and traditions of the United States military and it’s elite units such as Seal Team Six. With that in mind, I can’t help but sit back with a good glass of wine and enjoy a show that’s just a little out of my comfort zone but tells a story that is very near and dear to my heart.

Please check out The History Channels new series “SIX” on Wednesday evenings at 10/9 C.