Jim Beale (Chad McKnight) and his team of physicists have invented a tremendously powerful device — nothing short of a time machine, that can fold space and time into a directional wormhole. Getting the hole to open is one well-rehearsed thing, but showing it can actually work is another. It also requires tremendous resources, that the ruthless venture capitalist Klaus Meisner (a superbly cast Michael Ironside, also of this year’s TURBO KID) has no problem shelling out… up to a point. Now that a rare Dahlia specimen has appeared from the future, Klaus is determined to screw Jim out of his invention, much like Edison did to Tesla once upon a time. Unless, of course, Jim is able to prove to Klaus that it truly works, and that there is a corresponding flower on this side of the time-space continuum. At which point Jim meets Abby (Brianne Davis), an unexpected femme fatale that might very well be his doom… or his salvation.

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Taking cues as much from Christopher Nolan’s jigsaw puzzle filmmaking as it does from BLADE RUNNER’s smoky, expressionistic, synth-laden dreaminess (by way of Shane Carruth’s ingeniously structured budget masterpiece PRIMER), SYNCHRONICITY sees Jacob Gentry make his long-awaited return to feature filmmaking, following the 2007 cult hit THE SIGNAL! An ambitious mindbender, SYNCHRONICITY is economic in all the right ways and immediately striking for its intensely claustrophobic style, inspired casting (which also includes fan-favourite AJ Bowen of such films as THE SACRAMENT and YOU’RE NEXT) and ever-twisty storyline. SYNCHRONICITY reveals an Escher-like structure patiently, and should have sci-fi fans in a knot, itching to know what happens next!

— Ariel Esteban Cayer



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