APRIL 2008

PROM NIGHT officially opens April 11, 2008 in 2700 theaters across the country!

Great mention of Brianne on Artist Direct’s Review of PROM NIGHT.

The malicious Crissy perfectly represents that material world our high schoolers desperately aspire to. Davis also plays her with a sexy sense of evil. She of course is not the villain, that’s the dry Fenton, but she’s probably the film’s most vibrant character.


Check out the Variety Review

An in-name-only remake of the post-”Halloween” slasher pic that solidified Jamie Lee Curtis’ status as scream queen of the polyester era, “Prom Night” is a surprisingly effective teen-skewing thriller that soft-pedals graphic violence (in marked contrast to the R-rated 1980 original) while generating a fair degree of suspense. Well cast and solidly crafted, latest genre product from Screen Gems struck B.O. paydirt, taking in $22.7 million in its opening weekend as it clicked with teens — including couples preparing for their own senior-year celebrations — and early twentysomethings.