Magnolia Pictures Moves Up Synchronicity’s Release Date

Magnolia Films has moved up the release date for its new movie Synchronicity.

The studio’s independent sci-fi thriller will now be available on Blu-ray, DVD, and Digital rental/download on Tuesday, May 10th.  That is one week earlier than its previous release date of Tuesday, May 17th.  It will be released by Magnolia Home Entertainment under The Magnet Label.  The movie centers on brilliant physicist Jim Beale (Chad McKnight–ER, The Signal, My Super Psycho Sweet 16) as he unveils the world’s first actual working time machine.  It doesn’t take long for trouble to follow.  He ends up having to protect his invention from his largest benefactor Klaus Meisner (Michael Ironside—Top Gun, Total Recall, The Machinist).  The only way that he can do that is to travel back in time and prove that his invention works.  Even that journey is fraught with trouble as he meets the beautiful but mysterious Abby (Brianne Davis—Jarhead, True Blood, Hollywood Heights).  Beale has reason to believe that beneath her beautiful exterior, she is hiding a secret—that she is working with Klaus in order to gain control of Beale’s time machine.  In the end what Beale discovers could very well destroy both his present and future.  Audiences can view a trailer for Synchronicity online now at
Synchronicity will be available in stores and online on Tuesday, May 10th on Blu-ray, DVD, and digital rental/download.  The Blu-ray will retail for MSRP of $29.98 and DVD for $26.98.  It will also include a handful of bonus features, which are listed below.  More information on this and other titles from Magnolia Home Entertainment is available online now at:




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