Chromeskull DVD



Didn’t get enough Chromeskull kills and thrills the first go round?  Well, feast your bloodshot eyes on the intestine-filled prize that is the DVD release of “Chromeskull: Laid To Rest 2” out from Anchor Bay Entertainment on Sept. 20.  Follow the river of blood leaking below!

The Flick: A notable follow up to the original “Laid To Rest,” which actually plays out better than the original film.  By adding a sort of society of killers angle to the Chromeskull legacy including one super and surprisingly effective Brian Austin Green (yes, he of the “Beverly Hills, 90210” fame!) as a murderer-in-training and one cold-hearted secretary in the form of Danielle Harris, Director Robert Hall ups the story ante on his former mostly plot barren outing.  Though for genre fans the kills are likely to be the highlight with everything from super circular twisting knives in the mouth gags to severed heads gore galore.  Only reservation here is the inane handling of the case via a cast of inane and purposefully obtuse detectives that come off as stupid at every turn.  (Doesn’t anyone call for back-up anymore?!)  Not to mention that returning cast member Thomas Dekker looks more bored than a Marilyn Manson at a bingo game, but all else seems to be worth at least checking the chrome out a second time.

Best Feature: The decent featurette ‘A Cut Above: Creating ChromeSkull’ does have interesting stories of casting (Green and Hall met at the “Laid to Rest” premiere) and killing (seeing how it’s done does take away some of the fun though!) for fans of the genre.

Best Hidden Gem: The ‘Jump to Kill’ feature is one sick selection for those who solely crave repeating viewings of the bloodlust – enjoy you demented madmen!

Worth the Moola: This chrome dome follow-up is firmly worth a try – let’s just hope the final scene doesn’t lead to another Jason Takes Manhattan.