With only two weeks away, HIDDEN MOVIES in Russia interviewed Brianne about the upcoming feature Synchronicity.


Hidden Interview. Synchrocity / Synchronicity 2016. Brianne Davis.

  • January 8, 2016
  • Unknown Dude

We hasten to please you with our first and hopefully not the last interview with a fairly prominent figure in the world of cinema  – American actress, director, producer Brianne Davis.

We talked on the theme of the upcoming sci-fi movie “Synchronicity” in which she played the lead female role. In the US box office and on iTunes movie starts on January 22, as Brianna told us about other interesting projects with her ​​participation, including those who will come in 2016.


The plot of the film Synchrocity / Synchronicity (2016).

The talented physicist Jim Beal invents a machine that is able to distort space and time, soon appears a mysterious woman from the future named Abby who seduces a scientist to find out his scientific secrets. Jim will change the outcome of the experiment with a time machine and patch the hole in the space-time continuum, simultaneously fighting off attacks representatives of major corporations that would gladly seized his brainchild.

Dude Uknown: Released only the first trailer of the film, in which your character will appear only a few times. Will there be more trailers that reveal the nature of your character?

Davis Brianne: I do not think there will be more trailers, because “Magnet” recently released the first movie, and he is very good! My character in the film – a mystery, so I was not surprised that the trailer is so short, they can not reveal too much of the history of my character. I think that the movie creates a great view of the forthcoming movie.

Dude Uknown: According to the critics, the film the audience will carry the roof! When you read the script exploded brain?

Davis Brianne: Yes, when reading the script, I was very impressed – it stands out from the usual picture of the world, so I had to read it several times to understand all the options for the future, from the perspective of each character. The film of this kind you will want to review more than once, after the first time you see it. A lot of plot twists and ambiguous things you simply do not notice after the first viewing. Jacob Gentry and Alex Orr wrote a very clever and deeply thoughtful script and I was honored to give life to the Abbey on the movie screen!

Dude Uknown: Description of the film gives the impression that your character is more negative than positive, is this true?

Davis Brianne: That’s why I love Abby, she is very versatile, and can not be unambiguously characterize it. It may seem that it cares only about their own benefit, but the emotions give its delicate nature.

Dude Uknown: According to our information, you never starred in science fiction films earlier, do we expect in the future similar projects with your participation?

Davis Brianne: Actually, I really like science fiction! I produced and starred in another sci-fi movie night visitors / The Night Visitor (2013). And in 2016 to prepare for the second part of Night 2 visitor / The Night Visitor 2: History Heather, both projects under the guidance of company Anchor Bay Canada and Anchor Bay digital. With God’s help, I hope in the future you will see a lot of science fiction with my participation.

Dude Uknown: What was it like to you to be on a film set with a recognized actor sci-fi genre, Michael Ironside?

Davis Brianne: I love Michael Ironside! We filmed together in the web series The Bannen Way / Path Bannena (2010), producer and screenwriter who was my husband, Mark Gantt (Mark Gantt). A great honor for me – once again to participate in a joint project with Michael. He is very energetic and cares for its partners on the set.

Dude Uknown: What would you wish the Russian fans of science fiction in the coming 2016?

Davis Brianne: First of all, be sure to go to the cinema on January 22. “Synchronicity”, or on the same day can purchase a movie on iTunes. This is an excellent movie in its genre, and I promise you will not be disappointed! Let us hope that 2016 will be a lot of exciting science fiction films.


Original interview under the spoiler:

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Dude Uknown: Released only the first trailer of your new film, in which your character appears only a few times. Will there be more trailers revealing your character’s image in near future?

Davis Brianne: I’m not sure if another trailer will be released but Magnet just released their trailer which is also great. My character is an enigma, so I’m not surprised how the trailer was cut, they can not reveal too much of my story. I think both trailers are amazing representation of the film.

Dude Uknown: Based on reviews of film critics, the movie will blow our minds out. When you read the screenplay, your mind exlpode?

Davis Brianne: Yes, when I read the script it was so intense and out of this world that I had to read it a couple times to grasp all the different versions with each character. It’s the kind of film you will want to watch again after you see it the first time. Lots of twists and turns and moments that you missed the first time around. Jacob Gentry and Alex Orr wrote a very intelligent deeply, developed screenplay and I was honored to bring Abby to life.

Dude Uknown: Film synopsis generated imression of your character is positive then negative, it’s true is not it?

Davis Brianne: That’s what I loved about Abby, she’s complex and not so black and white. There is an aspect of her that is self serving but her emotions betray her.

Dude Uknown: You have never before acting in sci fi movies, we can expect similar roles from you in future?

Davis Brianne: Actually, I love the sci-fi genre. I produced and starred in another sci-fi movie The Night Visitor and then directed and produced The Night Visitor 2 both being distributed by Anchor Bay Canada and Anchor Bay digital. God willing there will be many more sic fi movies in the future.

Dude Uknown: What do you feel of collaboration with top-ranked sci-fi actor Michael Ironside?

Davis Brianne: I adore Michael Ironside. We both were in the Sony Crackle web series, The Bannen Way, that my producing partner and husband Mark Gantt created, so it was honor having another opportunity to work with him again. He is such a powerhouse and really takes care of the other actors he is working with.

Dude Uknown: What would you wish for Russian fans of Sci-Fi in upcoming 2016?

Davis Brianne: Well, first of all, go see Synchronicity Jan 22nd or get it on the iTunes. It’s a fantastic sci-fi movie and I promise it will not disappoint. And let’s all hope for many more interesting complex sci-fi movies in 2016.