Talented Brianne Davis accepts lead role in horror flick ‘Magi’

On April 7, 2014, it was officially announced to the public that actress Brianne Davis accepted the role, Marla Watkins, in the film “Magi.” Principal photography kicks off in Istanbul on April 28.

In addition to Brianne Davis, out of L.A., the film also stars Stephen Baldwin, Michael Madsen and Lucie Pohl.

“Magi” synopsis: “Marla Watkins moved to Istanbul a few years ago. She now teaches English in a local language school. Her sister, Olivia, is a New York-based journalist. When informed about Marla’s pregnancy, Olivia travels to Turkey to visit her sister. Marla lives in a fancy neighborhood. She was previously married to an Iranian artist, but the two have recently put an end to their relationship. Marla decided she’d keep the baby…and that is when sinister happenings began to occur… ”

Brianne Davis is an actress, producer and director, known for her roles in “Jarhead” (2005) and “Prom Night” (2008).

Davis is engaged to actor Mark Gantt. He also resides in Los Angeles and is an award-winning actor, writer, director and film producer. Some of Gantt’s many credits include “The Bannen Way” (2010), “Hidden in the Woods” (2014), “The Night Visitor” (2014), “Dexter,” and “Ocean’s Eleven” (2001).

Gantt and Davis have formed the production company Give & Take Productions. It focuses on both television and feature films. The duo recently completed principle photography on Davis’ directorial debut on “The Night Visitor 2: Heather’s Story” starring Mark Gantt, Caitlin Carmichael, Chip Coffey and Jennifer Blanc.

They are also currently in pre-production on the feature film by Jackie Blakley, “A Place Apart” that Gantt will direct and Davis will star in. In addition, they are developing an action/comedy “Ten Ferraris” and a sci-fi/thriller “She,” based on a story by Davis, written by Jackie Blakely and directed by Davis as well.

The film “Magi” is the joint effort of three talents/companies. They are make-up and special effects artist Miki Lakobrija, music by Warner/Chappell Production Music and CGI and digital are by Sound On Studios.

“Magi’s” Turkish director is Hasan Karacadag, and this is his sixth long feature film. It is also Karacadag’s very first English-language contribution to the genre. The film is pure, modern horror specifically targeted for North American and major European audiences.

The films producers are Karacadag and Loris Curci. Curci is credited with the zombie epic “Zone of the Dead,” Darren Bousman’s apocalyptic “11 11 11” and the U.S. remake of Patricio Valladares’ “Hidden in the Woods.”

A partial listing of Brianne Davis’ filmography and TV credits includes “Masters of Sex” (2014), “The Night Visitor” (2014), “Murder in the First” (2014), “True Blood” (2014), “Witches of East End” (2013), “NCIS Los Angeles” (2012), “The Bannen Way” (2010), “Cold Case” (2008), “The Haunting of Marsten Manor” (2007), “Nip/Tuck” (2006), “Dawson’s Creek” (2001)…

Thanks goes to Davis’ rep for sharing about her, and her recent movie role acceptance. Congratulations Brianne Davis!

Learn more about this talented actress at her website and view Brianne Davis Demo Reel. Also learn more about her, other talent, plus Turkey and L.A. locations at various links and in photo listing.

The ending of synopsis of “Magi” is “… Night falls. A terrifying scream breaks the silence. Olivia jumps up in her bed. What she is about to see is just the beginning of a nightmarish journey into the very bowels of Istanbul. Do not trust anyone, because they are all damned… ”