If you look like Brianne Davis, you’re used to getting attention from men., but the Georgia-bred actress wasn’t prepared for the kind long, quizzical stares she received on the set of Jarhead, director Sam Mendes’s darkly comic film about one Marine’s starnge experience in Operation Desert Storm. Davis says that when she arrived, Jarhead‘s mostly male cast-including Jake Gyllenhaal, Jamie Foxx and Peter Sarsgaard-treated her like an unknown species from another planet. “Every time I walk in, I felt eyes on the back o my head.” says Davis. who plays Gyllenhaal’s girlfriend, Kristina, in the film. “I would turn around and they’d all wave like they’d never seen a woman before. It was like they were actually at war.” Meanwhile, sports fan Davis has found a distraction of her own: the driving range. “I love to go and hit golf balls for an hour or so. I’m awesome at it-I get all cocky and start talking trash. But then I get on the course and it’s like a joke. I’m awful.”