ABC Lines Up Original Series for New Streaming Effort

Netflix - Iliza Shlesinger - Freezing

Netflix / Lisa Higginbotham

Iliza Shlesinger comedy in development for WatchABC, which could be alternative pipeline for primetime

Count ABC among the growing number of TV networks developing original programming for its own new streaming effort, but not quite like all the others are doing.

Instead of launching standalone subscription services like CBS All Access or NBCUniversal’s Seeso, the Disney-owned broadcaster is assembling a slate of series intended to live only on its WatchABC app, according to sources. The first project has already been put in development: a short-form scripted comedy starring up-and-coming standup performer Iliza Shlesinger.

An ABC rep declined to comment.

The network is also said to be using the initiative as an alternative breeding ground for productions or talent that could eventually graduate to primetime. The slate won’t be confined to scripted comedies and ABC is also considering long-form series.

Select executives at the network are already making deals with talent to be cast for what has been dubbed “ABC3” internally, though that isn’t the brand the slate will be known by when it launches sometime next year.

WatchABC allows users to access new and previous episodes of current ABC series, in addition to a live stream of the networks’ linear feed in some markets, on mobile devices and PCs. Some of the content is only available to pay-TV subscribers.

How exactly Disney-ABC TV Group will utilize the originals on WatchABC is still being debated, say insiders. Series could be reserved just for pay-TV subs or made freely available; it’s also possible to see a blended strategy in which new episodes are free but previous ones require authentication.

If any part of the plan ends up driving value to the pay-TV ecosystem, it would represent a counterintuitive move from Disney CEO Bob Iger, who seemed to be aiming squarely for the cord-cutting crowd earlier this year when he publicly stated his intent to eventually take some of the conglomerate’s brands “over the top.” But ABC was not one of the brands he previously cited on a list that otherwise included ESPN and Marvel.

The lengths Disney is going to make WatchABC a destination may also reflect the industry’s struggles to counteract the appeal of digital programmers like Netflix and devices like Roku with a compelling solution to making content from its linear channels available on tablets and smartphones. But the TV Everywhere initiative has been a mixed bag for programmers and distributors who can’t seem to get on the same page.

Nearly all original programming being developed for off air recently has been content that would bypass pay-TV distributors. HBO has announced plans to put content from Bill Simmons, Jon Stewart and Sesame Street on its standalone HBO Now offering. NBCUniversal launched Seeso last month as as a mix of original comedies and back-catalog drawn from the conglomerate’s many TV networks.

But ultimately, the goal for putting originals on WatchABC that don’t run on terrestrial ABC may be similar to what CBS was thinking by greenlighting a new edition of “Star Trek” for its own streaming service, CBS All Access: generating buzz for a digital offshoot.